Roman Volkov
iOS Software Engeneer
I do iOS development, consult companies about mobile development and everything related to it. Had experience in building secure payment gates and strong backend for mobile/web apps. Open-source projects contributor, member of Swift Weekly blog. Investigating the origin of the ascending swirling flows.
Work experience
Freelance/Contractor iOS Development Engineer
Swift, Reactive programming (RxSwift), various of native frameworks and experience with Firebase, Fabric, Realm, TestFlight. Write clean and testable code, prefer to use git-flow, set up continuous integration and delivery via Fastlane, as well as contribute to Swift Weekly project and others open-source. I have pretty solid expertise regarding mobile applications development, backend development, design APIs for mobile apps usage and security in apps.
Software Development Engineer, Software Integrated Solutions. Schlumberger
- Migration "DIoT" plug-in for Techlog and "Therma 5.0" software to "Therma to Techlog" plug-in.Houston project. Technologies: Qt, C++, Ocean for Techlog SDK. Subject area: thermal data from boreholes.
- Developing web-system for creation reports and management sales visits to client. Took part as main developer, than as project manager.
- Developing web-system that aggregates information about clients from more that 15 internal system.
- Supporting analytic system which contains information about revenue for Software Integrated Solution department of Schlumberger.
Senior developer at system integration segment, Western Siberian Commercial Bank
- Development and support of system integration between ABC and Processing systems with IBM WebSphere Message Broker and Message Queue (Java 7)
- Development and support of software at processing area (including development of system interchange with Compass Plus's products: TranzWare Online, TranzWare Card Management System, TranzWare Interchange) - .NET 4.0 / C# WPF + Entity Framework
- Solving and problem analysis with transferring of financial information between ABC and Processing centre.
- Internal systems/projects development with T-SQL, PL/SQL, .NET 4.0 (WPF, Windows-Services)
Software developer at INECS
Took part in build Desktop CRM-System using .NET technologies stack.
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I have been graduated from TSU as a mathematician-programmer (Computer Science speciality) and started working as software developer in the middle of studying. I have been working as .NET developer in local product software company, oil&gas service company Schlumberger (building finance analysis web applications, oil&gas specific tools for processing temperature data from production process on pure C++11) and at one of top regional banks in processing area building payment processing front-end (TranzWare systems), payments analysis tools (pl/sql and t-sql queries), took part in creation of fraud control system and made complex system integrations with IBM Message Broker between Internet-banking, processing systems and main bank system.

For past several years I to switch fully into iOS development and worked with various clients building different kind of apps: city games, finance, social, productivity apps, etc. - using many of iOS libraries and tools to provide high code quality. Contribute to open source projects, taking part in as a writer. And I prefer Swift to Objective-C, but use both in development.

Starting from 2015 I joined team that explores origin of tornado creation. My part - building system that makes calculation of modeling process of tordano growth from quite state to self-sustaining mode. At this moment preparing PhD in this area.

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